Tablet Accessories for Kids – What Should I Buy?

tablet accessories kids
Having bought the perfect tablet for your kid, it just might not be enough when it comes to providing him the ultimate combination of comfortable and fun experience so you can mind your own business around the house or finish up chores without having your kid interrupting you every 5 minutes.

Student Tablets – Our List of the Best College Tablets in 2020

best student tablets 2020
Are you headed to college? Well, then, the need for looking and finding a reliable laptop device or better, student tablet is inevitable. The education system is stepping up the game utilizing technology, apps, having no problem with laptops and tablet devices being present in the classroom so having a tablet companion with you all the time, for taking notes in class or studying at home can be a much-needed help.

Looking for the Best Tablet to Play Games on? Look for These Features

best tablet to play games on
If you've noticed, while there is more and more attention dedicated to transforming our tablet devices into capable working tools that will provide us ultimate mobility with least amount of compromise on workflow and functionality, the big truth is that many people actually use them more as their primary multimedia device, especially, to play games on. Is it worth getting a tablet to specifically play games on it?

Buying Your Kids a New Tablet? Find Tablets for Kids at Walmart or Amazon

find tablets for kids walmart
Tablets have become an ideal tool for educational entertainment, especially for those periods when your children should stay at home, as has happened with school closures product of coronavirus. But since not all of them are suitable for the children's segment, for their content and durability, we show you a list of the best tablets for children on the market. With them, you can be sure that what they see and hear is appropriate for their age.

What Does 4G LTE Mean on a Cell Phone or Tablet? The Difference Between LTE and 4G LTE

what does 4G lte mean on a cell phone
You may find that there are too many acronyms around a device, be it a cell phone or a tablet and quite honestly, it can be confusing at the least. We have CDMA, GSM,4G, LTE, 4G LTE, WiMax, and the list goes on and on. What does each acronym mean? Well, let's instead focus on the most common and important network acronyms that usually pop up on your cell phone and tablet so that you can at least get to know the differences between 4G vs. 4G LTE and don't get overwhelmed with information along the way.

Looking for The Best Tablets to Buy? Check Our Picks

ipad tablet from our list of tablet reviews
If you are looking for the current best tablets to buy, you have come to the right place. While the iPad excels in this category, there are still many options on both large and small tablets. Only devices we've reviewed in full appear in this list, but we cover all operating systems and all sizes. We've also included some 2-in-1 devices that are full Windows PCs, but the key is that they have a detachable keyboard instead of being a laptop.

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