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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Review

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is definitely a stand-out tablet that takes every feature it has to offer to the limit. And, honestly, it should be expected from a device of this type and brand. Apart from that spectacular AMOLED…

Best Rugged Tablet to Buy 2022

man holding rugged tablet setac
To help you track the best rugged tablets to meet all your external or work innovation needs, we invest a lot of energy in dissecting and researching a host of different devices. During our review, we located each option because…

How Much RAM Does a Tablet Need?

When looking to buy a tablet, RAM may be the deciding factor when it comes to the average user. Although the processor, graphics power, and storage capacity matter, the average user will probably be multitasking. And having a tablet with…

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Leaked Specs

galaxy tab s8 vector illustration
With the upcoming tablet from their S line-up, Samsung plans to solidify their place as the best Android tablet since 2022 it’s probably going to be the year of tablets, and also deal a huge blow to Apple, spec-wise. The…

What are the best tablets for reading ebooks?

With all the benefits and ease of reading e-books, we don’t want to imagine our lives without them. Today, e-readers and tablets with incredible displays and massive book library apps are dominating the bestseller lists. With these devices it’s never…

iPad Mini 6 2021 – A Mini Review

ipad mini 6 front in hands
The iPad mini may have been a favorite for many years now, but with no significant updates to the hardware, it quickly fell behind the times as competitors churned out successive refreshes. Apple has remedied this finally with a redesigned…

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