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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Review | Tabletish

samsung galaxy tab s6 lite review

With tablets being the world in-between smartphones and laptops, they have taken on the form factor of lightweight, compact, and really powerful versatile devices, suitable for content & media consumption, content creation, gaming, as well as working. Nearly a year ago, Samsung presented the Galaxy Tab S6. It’s a powerful device pointed to the premium segment with quite remarkable features, coming as…

The Best Games for Your Tablet

games for tablet

A Tablet is the best device you can buy if you are a casual gamer who likes hand-held devices and wish to spend a few hours playing your favorite titles at home or just about anywhere. With a huge variety of titles to discover, regardless of genre or taste, you can find the best games for tablet pc devices on the Google…

The Best Tablet for Reading Comics and How to Choose it

best tablet for reading comics

So, to make everything clear, this article consists of two parts. The first part where we at provide you with enough information on how to choose a tablet specifically for reading your favorite comics, and then, the second part where we actually recommend some of the best tablets for reading comics regarding budget, screen size, screen resolution, etc. If we are…