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iPad Mini 6 2021 – A Mini Review

The iPad mini may have been a favorite for many years now, but with no significant updates to the hardware, it quickly fell behind the times as competitors churned out successive refreshes. Apple has remedied this finally with a redesigned version that offers specs to match its looks, making it the most desirable 8-inch tablet you can now buy. The catch? There’s a mighty powerful hardware under the hood but also a new price tag to reflect those upgrades.

Design and Display

The new iPad mini is designed to be the best of both worlds. It’s light and compact meaning you can use it with one hand, it’s even more powerful than the iPad Air and has a quality build.

The display, meanwhile, is just okay, no more no less. It’s not as good as the one used on Pro models and still stuck at 60Hz, but let me tell you, I’ve come to like it!

The resolution is perfect for guaranteeing a higher density of pixels per inch than most monitors out there today and well there is still that thing with the jelly scrolling that people are complaining about. But let’s be honest with ourselves here. That’s so unnoticeable that hardly anyone would even care about it, or notice at all for that matter.

The brightness level of 500 nits of the iPad Mini is just enough for when you need to use the tablet in brightly lit environments, like outdoors or for example. On the other hand, yes, it’s nice having 1000-and-above nits of brightness but over time such a bright display also tends to strain the eyes a lot more.

Ultimately though, one can depend on the Mini 6 for any type of daily use since the tablet is more than capable of multitasking, enjoying photos, reading books, and performing tasks alike!

One of the many reasons that people will love the new iPad Mini 6 is that it’s now compatible with the stylus we’ve all come to know and love – the 2nd generation Apple Pencil. Thanks to the updated software on this tablet which is iOS 15 straight out of the box, you now get more precision control when taking notes or doodling on your device.

Design-wise, this is an Apple product after all and it looks and feels like one on the exterior. No dramatic changes or anything ground-breaking, just minimalism, aluminum, and solid colors, a single-lens camera on the back, an ultra-wide on the front, and shifted volume keys to the top instead of on the side, along with the power key.

Additionally, it has a USB type-c charging port which is a warm welcome when compared to the lightning port.

iPad Mini 6 Specs

Though Apple may have made the “mini” version of its iPad, it is anything but mini when it comes to all that it can do.

Speaking of hardware, there’s a lot going on inside the new Mini 6. The iPad mini 6 is powered by the new Apple A15 Bionic, which is the highest-end of Apple’s mobile lineup boasting a six-core processor alongside a 5-core GPU, a 16-core neural engine, and 4 GB of RAM.

On the other hand, the average battery life of the iPad Mini falls well below any other tablet on the market today and it probably won’t last you a day.

The cutting-edge A15 Bionic processor sets the Mini 6 apart from its competition when it comes to gaming. The chip allows the Mini to deliver an unmatched gaming experience. The smaller screen without compromising on size makes it probably the best iPad possible to play games on, while its weight guarantees extreme comfort while playing.

All in all, the performance is on another level and along with the big improvements with iOS 15 users are in for a familiar, Apple-style enjoyable experience with the familiar minimal aesthetics.

Should You Buy the Mini 6?

But probably, the most important question is, is the Mini 6’s price tag of $499 worth it for what it has to offer?

Well, if you are looking for an everyday tablet, the iPad Mini 6 2021 is probably the perfect one, considering both its performance and smaller than average form factor. Whether it’s watching videos, reading, casually browsing on the couch, chatting, or gaming (which is probably the best way to utilize the Mini’s strengths) you won’t be disappointed.

Also, there’s the Apple Pencil 2 support which comes in handy for everyone that needs a stylus, regardless if you are a creative person or you use a tablet for doodling and catching notes.

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