About This Blog

Combining forces with more than 20 years of experience in IT and sales, the team behind tabletish consists of seasoned and passionate individuals (geeks) when it comes to the IT and tech industry, with specific focus on tablet devices in particular.

Our Mission

We hope to develop tabletish.com into your next favorite tech portal when it comes to tech, gaming tablets and more.

In order to achieve that, we at tabletish are focused on you, our reader. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a piece of information that you’ll find practical and useful in the real world, be it to form an opinion (based on our honest, unbiased comparisons), solve a problem (with our easy -to-follow how to’s) or just help you buy that tablet you’ve been eyeing for so long (with the help of our well-researched reviews).

It’s not just about spec sheets, telling you which product is the better one and which one is not. We will never force our opinions on our readers. It’s all up to you. We are just here to deliver quality content that you can find useful, relatable and applicable to many of your daily tech hurdles.

And that’s why we approach content creation through detailed topic research. To give you something that other portals won’t: independent, unbiased information.

Our Values

Tabletish has high criteria when it comes to useful user-centric content. It does not tiptoe around standards and will never compromise the values it stands for:

  • Passion – In order to deliver a creative, fun, well-researched piece of information on a specific topic that people will want to read, you must be passionate about it.
  • Research – Educating and informing our readers is at our core, in order to help them navigate the complex technological world with ease.
  • Relatable & useful user-centered content – At the end of the day, people want to read something useful. They want to either solve a problem, educate or buy a product with a piece of mind, knowing that they chose the best one out there.

If you wish to get in touch, don’t hesitate to visit our contact page.