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Looking for The Best Tablets to Buy? Check Our Picks

ipad tablet from our list of tablet reviews
If you are looking for the current best tablets to buy, you have come to the right place. While the iPad excels in this category, there are still many options on both large and small tablets. Only devices we've reviewed in full appear in this list, but we cover all operating systems and all sizes. We've also included some 2-in-1 devices that are full Windows PCs, but the key is that they have a detachable keyboard instead of being a laptop.

Best Tablets for Kids 2016

Kids Tablet Reviews Children’s tablets have made some major strides in 2016. As manufacturers strive to close the gap between child and parent tablets, the more toy-like devices have been replaced with sleeker, tech forward options. Tablets for kids are…

Amazon Fire Kids Edition Review

Fire Tablet for Kids The Fire HD Kids Edition is the perfect toy for education and learning. In fact, the item is among the top Christmas toys for 2016. The Fire Kindle HD Edition kids tablets comes in three vibrant…

Cheap Tablet PC

Cheap Tablet PC – Are they worth the money? Most tablet pc review sites ignore the cheap tablet pc. I wondered why that was, are they all rubbish? They may well be cheap, but are they worth the money, are…

Review: Gemini JoyTAB 8 Android tablet

  Name: Gemini JoyTAB 8 | Type: 8-inch Android tablet | Price: 8GB £129 The Gemini JoyTAB 8 is a low-cost Android 4.0 ICS tablet from budget masters Gemini. The quick summary is this is the last generation of disappointing…

Google Nexus 7 hands-on review

Google Nexus 7

EAT has the tasty new Google Nexus 7 with that sweet, sweet Jelly Bean Android 4.1 filling. For a £159 this represents the best-quality tablet at this price range and the best 7-inch tablet on the market. We’ll be filling…

Get ScummVM running on the HP TouchPad

Great news adventure fans! ScummVM has a very workable WebOS HP TouchPad port up and running. For those not in the know ScummVM is a game engine emulator that’s specifically designed to run adventure games of old, originally LucasArts games that used the SCUMM scripting system but it has expanded over time to support a host of them.