A1CS Fusion 5 Tablet PC Best Amazon Customer Rating

A1CS Fusion 5A1CS Fusion 5 Tablet PC

Customer ratings are probably one of the best ways of determining how good any specific tablet pc is. This is especially important when looking at tablet pcs which are at the less expensive end of the market.  Most large review sites (which I don’t consider ourselves being one of) look at lots of tablet pcs, they get sent evaluation tablets to review. As they see lots, they usually ignore, or pretty much dismiss the lower  end of the market. This can give a false impression of how good a cheap tablet pc is. As every review you’ll ever read about an iPad is fantastic, how do you find out about the lower end of the market, by this of course I’m talking about Android tablets.

To save a bit of money you could of course by a second hand iPad from eBay and I’m sure many people do exactly that and are very happy. However, if you would prefer a new Android Tablet, which one should you chose?

Amazon customer ratings are a great way of getting “independent” advice from customers how are actually using the device you might be thinking of purchasing. You may think this very odd advice from someone that reviews tablet pcs. Not at all. I’d like you to buy the device which suits you best, and this isn’t necessarily the device I’d like. I might not like the fact that a certain tablet appears “slow”. In fact, this is one of the biggest problems with reading reviews from the big boys. They’ll always compare the cheap with the expensive, the expensive one will usually be quicker, have more features and have a prettier design. But you might not be bothered about that. If you think of someone who is test driving Ferrari’s for a living, and not having to pay for them, just being given one by Ferrari to test, he’s hardly going to think a Renault Megane is any good, is he? “It’s seems a bit sluggish and doesn’t corner well”, but he’s comparing this with what he normally drives!

Cars aside, this article is actually about a tablet PC that has the best customer reviews at the time of writing. So, I’ve not tested this tablet pc, I’m not showered by tablet pc’s to review, so I won’t give my personal opinion on it. But here it is, the A1CS Fusions tablet pc. Judge for yourself, let me know what you think of it in the comment section below..

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