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Cyber Monday 2011 Tablet PC Deals

cyber monday 2011 tablet pc deals Cyber Monday 2011 is here and lots of great Cyber Monday deals are flying around. So it would be nice idea to make a list of Tablet PC Deals for Cyber Monday 2011 for…

Black Friday 2011 Tablet PC Deals

Black Friday 2011 Tablet PC Deals Tablet PCs are the new popular electronic devices of the year and Black Friday Tablet PC deals are start to fly around and I thought it would be very helpful for readers to make…

ASUS Eee Transformer price confirmed. Sort of

ASUS’ official Facebook page has been updated with more details of next week’s launch of the Eee Transformer 10.1inch Android tablet with detachable keyboard dock. And oh dear, it’s much more expensive than we’d hoped. Or is it? Rumours doing the…

Bye webOS, hellooo Android!

A tweet has revealed that a team is working on porting Android to the now parent-less HP TouchPad. This is great new, as HP has announced it’s dumping all future development on webOS devices, so don’t expect any more features…

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer outselling the iPad?

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer
Yes, EAT was tipped off to this story by an employee of ASUS, but we don’t think it’s just PR fluff. There’s been a lot of huff and puff in the press lately about how iPad is slaying any and all Android competition in the great tablet wars that are going on, and yet this screenshot, taken from Amazon’s new tablet store shows that the Eee Pad Transformer is, for today at least, the best selling tablet around.

Dell Latitude XT3

Dell Latitude XT3
We managed to get some time alone with the newly refreshed, yet-to-be released Dell Latitude XT3. We’ll have a hands-on written up soon but in the meantime why not sit back and enjoy some shots of this Intel Core i7-2620M powered Windows 7 convertible tablet/laptop.

What’s new in iOS 5?

IOS 5.0.1
Over at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, Apple has been showing off the abilities of the next major revision to its mobile operating system, iOS 5. Available for all generations of iPhone from 3GS onwards and both iPads so far, iOS 5 will be available for download sometime in the Autumn.

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