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Here at Tabletish we’re all about tablet pc reviews and we like to give you as much information possible before making your decision on which tablet computer to buy. When I say “we” I mean “me”, if you’re interested you can read about me, I won’t promise a riveting read! Actually, I’ll use “I” instead of “we” from now on…

You’ll find tablet computer reviews product pages where I’ll give my opinion on a specific item. However, I also add Amazon customer reviews as well, so you’ll get a view from someone else. They might agree with my view and they might also disagree, but you’ll be able to make a more informed and balanced decision. You will also be able to access the reviewed item directly from this website and purchase, or get more information from Amazon. You can then purchase through Amazon’s website with all the security and peace of mind you expect from Amazon.

To have a look and some tablet computer reviews hover over the “REVIEWS” menu just above this page. If you look above that, right at the top of the screen there’s another menu that will give you information of processors, operating systems and a handy article; Tablet PC Beginner’s Guide which will come in very useful if you’re looking for a place to start.

I review tablet pc’s using plain English, but if you want to know more there are also technical articles dotted about the website, ensuring they are useful for beginners and experience tablet users. You’ll find a tablet pc review on everything from the Apple Ipad 2

Some articles will have links to Ebay auctions as well, this will give you an idea of what price your favourite tablet is selling for on eBay. Where they are displayed they are live auctions, or buy it now products. Clicking on the link will take you directly to the item you want to look at where you can access the sellers feedback etc, in the normal manner, I hope you find this useful and it’s another way I believe we add value, and make my site different to others.

Unlike some other sites, Im not interested in selling you a specific tablet pc on any tablet pc review I do, for any financial gain, I’m not in anyone’s pocket and I’m completely independent. I like to think I give independent tablet pc reviews on each one I look at. OK I might not have the same view as some other people, but it does annoy me when review sites give glowing reports for a tablet pc which is quite obviously shocking and is something I wouldn’t even use as a door stop.

The only thing I will say is that deep down I’m an Apple fan, so I do have an iPad for my own personal use. However, that doesn’t mean I think Apple are better at everything and I certainly won’t tell you to just dash off and by an iPad, you need to look at several different tablets before you decide which one suits you needs best. I’d also advise popping into PC World, or any electrical store that sells tablets. You can have a look at the size, muck about with the screen and apps etc, get a feel how it all hangs together. Then, check the reviews on my site and maybe purchase through one of my Amazon or eBay links, you tend to get more of a range of prices from Amazon and eBay than you would the high street. That’s of course true of must things you buy, not just tablet computers.

When I was first looking at buying a tablet pc myself, before I started this website I was not at all convinced I’d use it very much, in fact I only really bought one because the iPad 2 was announced and the price of the iPad (1) was reduced. However, since then I’ve found a myriad of uses for it. There’s the obvious surfing the web, I find it easier to read articles with the tablet held like a book, portrait wise. I’ts hand for surfing whilst sitting with the family in the living room, they all watch Eastenders or Coronation Street and I surf away reading BBC’s website or whatever else I fancy. Tablet’s are also very good at producing some fantastic “productivity apps”. I recently purchases Omnifocus which is a get things down (GTD) app. A sort of task list / project management app. Then there’s a book reader, music player, film watcher, you name it, it’s there at your fingertips. As well as being very portable of course, much more than a laptop.

Having said that I do still have a laptop, although something like the Asus Eee Pad Transformer (soon to be Asus Transformer Prime) could replace the laptop as it has a handy keyboard dock and an extremely powerful quad core processor, but at the moment I have a tablet pc and a laptop, which might sound greedy, but it works for me. By the way, I have an Apple laptop as well as an iPad so that I can easily synch between the two, naturally you can do this sort of thing between a Windows PC and an Android tablet for example, I just find it easier that way.

How do I do a review? Well, I don’t get companies sending me free a free tablet to look at, oh no, I should be so lucky, I do this for the love of it! So, I use my experience and knowledge about the tablet market. I read other reviews as well, I do get a certain amount of hands on, but really, hardware is hardware, the case of a Samsung is much the same as an HTC what matters is the inside, which I know all about. I say all about, I don’t mean to say I know everything, I’m still learning and always will be. I read a lot of Amazon customer reviews and get a good picture of what the feel for any specific tablet is, then I pass my comments on to you. In fairness I do buy some tablet pcs, however, by no means all of them – I have a family to support and a mortgage to pay. Some of my reviews might be considered “reviews of reviews”, I read lots of articles on tablet pc’s and condense the information down a little, much like a news website might do. You might like to read the news on the BBC website, you can do this instead of going to lots of different places to read the same thing. Then, the BBC journalist might add his own opinion into a new item, that’s much like what I do with tablets and the news surrounding them.

I’m constantly adding articles to the website as well as features such as Twitter integration and Facebook links etc. If there’s anything you’d like to see, let me know, it’s a young site and I’m trying to spread the word as best I can. If you see something you like I’d be grateful for a mention, or even follow me on twitter, that way you’ll get a tweet each time I submit a new article. I don’t spam and don’t send 50 tweets a day about what I’m doing; “I’m currently eating a ham sandwich in a taxi” I mean, who wants to know that? Follow Stephen Fry if you like that type of update…

Directly below this text is a picture of me, use it to scare (or scar) the children should you wish! If you’d like to know more you can access my about me page which is called “The Author” and is a link at the top of the page. You will also find a “Contact me” link, which will allow you to send me a message. I’m happy to take specific questions on tablets, accessories or anything else technology related, if you like a tablet pc review on a specific device I’ve not looked at I’m happy to take a look, let me know.

Lastly, you’ll see every page has a comment box at the bottom of each page, please feel free to comment only any page, shameless advertising won’t be allowed though, but if you use comment luv you can take advantage of the link back facility, I might even comment on your blog as well…Share the luv!

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