Tablet Keyboard

Android keyboard shortcuts with Apple-style keyboards

Using an Apple-style Bluetooth or connected keyboard with your Android device? Then don’t miss these handy keyboard short cuts to make your like a little easier. Not much easier, but at least a little. Using an specific Android keyboard opens up a host more shortcuts that we’ll cover soon.

Command + Tab    Switch between apps, use Shift to go backwards
Shift + Tab    Switch to menu bar, select items with the cursor keys

Command + E    Launch email
Command+ T    Launch Google Talk
Command + Y    Launch YouTube
Command + P    Launch Google Music playlist
Command + A    Launch Calulator
Command + G    Launch GMail
Command + L    Launch Calendar
Command + C    Launch Contacts
Command + M    Launch Maps

Command + I    Italics
Command + U    Underlined
Command + B    Bold
Command + Z    Undo

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