Android to get multiple user accounts

Multi-user accounts for tablets and Android is just a matter of time. The sharing permissions to make this work effectively is already built into the OS, it’s just the actual functional aspects to put it into practise that are missing. The API teardown over on Android Police has turned up strings that indicated that multiple users is ready to roll in the next major update to Android.

The next iteration of tablets is going to offer 32GB as default, we’re seeing that with Windows 8 RT devices now and the new Google Nexus 7 32GB model seems likely to just replace the 16GB one too by the end of October 2012. So storage isn’t the issue it once was. While it’s not a “killer-app” multiple user account simply makes a tablet far more attractive as a home device. Providing access to multiple email, cloud services and apps with tailored parental controls without the hassle.

Source: Android Police

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