Android 4.2

The new Android 4.2 Settings Shade

Did Google just change the Notification system three times in as many point revisions? We think it did. If you’re running a Google Nexus device and are enjoying Android 4.2 then if you pop open the Notification Shade you might not notice all the icons along the top – for screen rotation and the settings short-cut – have suddenly disappeared.

What the what Google? They were really handy. Panic thee not trembling Android user, those short-cuts are still there, they’ve just been moved to an even more useful Settings Shade.

To open the new mystical Shade, that we discovered by accident, swipe down from the top-right of the home screen. Hello my friend, look at you, a fresh new Settings Shade with screen lock, user switch, settings shortcut, brightness, Bluetooth, power and flight mode all to hand.

We await the next Notification redesign in Android 4.3…

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