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Whilst our friends the other side of the pond already have the Kindle Fire, those of us in the UK are wondering why we have to wait for it to arrive here. The Kindle Fire has British public a blaze…

[UPDATE] – April 24th 2012. The Kindle Fire is now almost 6 months old, with the release of the Kindle Fire 2 being expected anytime soon, is there any point in Amazon releasing the Kindle Fire in the UK? I don’t think so. The Kindle Touch has started shipping, this is a version of the “Kindle” but without any buttons, but the Fire is still missing. There are more rumours on the Kindle Fire’s release here, however, it’s only Amazon suggesting that film makers get ready as it’s coming, basically Amazon saying to film maker’s; “If you’re not talking to us you should be” whatever that means! What is definite is that Amazon isn’t talking to us, still no plan for a UK release date.

So, is anyone still interested in a 6 month old device? Should you wait for the Kindle Fire 2? It’s rumoured (sorry, it’s just rumours again) that the Fire 2 will be available in a 9 inch version as well, which would make it about the same size as the iPad. On a 9 inch screen the film experience would be better.

Amazon have put a lot on the fact that the Fire will create an enormous amount of revenue from digital sales, by that I mean game downloads, films, books etc, this is why the Fire is so competitively priced. It’s seen that the money isn’t in the hardware, the hardware is just a means of getting you to part with more cash – an enabling device – allowing you to download everything you can think of, and it’s worked for Apple, with their Apps Store. But, to get these revenues you do at least have to release a device! I for one won’t hold my breath….



You can get it from eBay if you want it now – check out the eBay section below. Also keep checking back for the latest

Here’s the latest as of March 15th. Amazingly Amazon’s apps store for Android (US) has now had it’s first birthday and still no sign on the Kindle Fire appearing in the UK. There are many rumours as to why it’s not here yet. Firstly though, Amazon haven’t launched their Apps store in the UK. It was briefly available, for some bizarre reason back in September but was soon made unavailable. Could Amazon’s App Store in the UK really not be open because of a naming dispute with Apple? Some time back there was a row over Amazon wanting to call their apps store the Apps Store, and with Apple using that already, a date was booked in court. This is scheduled for later in the year. With Amazon seemingly keeping tight lipped about the released date in the UK of the Kindle Fire, they could see their reputation damaged with the UK public. Or, at the very least, UK customers will get bored of waiting for the Kindle Fire and buy something else.

We can only hope that Amazon will release their rumoured 10 inch Kindle Fire in the UK first – yeah right! They still need to get in infrastructure for the Kilde Fire up and available to UK customers first, it could be a long wait, I’m so sorry about that! Stay tuned, I’ll update as soon as I get further info.

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The very latest I have is anywhere between now and March for UK release.. The price is rumoured to be £125. Many reviewers seem obsessed with comparisons to the iPad, in my opinion these are ridiculous. The Kindle Fire isn’t a fully fledged tablet pc, it’s a cut down version, with a cut down version of the operating system (Android). It will be half e-reader, half tablet, like an e-reader-tablet maybe, or possible a tablet pc hybrid. However, that doesn’t mean to say the Kindle Fire will be a bad buy, it may do everything you need.

It has  been reported that Amazon prevented the Kindle Fire from using Android Market, now it’s been reported that a firmware upgrade over the Christmas period allows you to browse Android market via Amazon’s Silk browser. Note I use the word browse, as you can’t actually install them. Of course Amazon have their own apps store so you can purchase apps their, however, isn’t this what Android lovers main at Apple about? Selling apps only from their own apps store? Mind you, Apple have made is a success, but are Amazon alienating true Android lovers? I wouldn’t think they are too bothered though, the Amazon brand name will attract enough customers surely. But much like Apple I fear Amazon are looking to get Kindle Fire users to just buy apps from them, and just like Apple they will control what you use your device for. So, surely we’re now looking at the Fire being jail broken?!

You see, it’s information like this which is critical when deciding whether to by the Fire or not. My opinion is that Amazon are trying to be a bit more like Apple, although they’re use Android, rather than develop there own OS. But isn’t Android meant to be “open”, not if Google and Amazon get their way. The way I see Amazon making money out of the Kindle Fire (bear in mind they are selling it at about cost) is via Amazon provided content; apps, video and books.

It was available in the US as from the 15th of November. So why is the Kindle Fire not coming to the UK? No doubt if you really really want one they’ll be on eBay. I’ve been looking for news for the Amazon Kindle Fire UK release date but I just can’t find anything concrete.

Maybe Amazon are waiting until they release the rumoured 10 inch version, hey maybe they’ll release the 10 inch version in the UK and make the US wait? I mean, come on Amazon, we’re not a 3rd world country, I’m sure some people in the UK have enough spare cash to buy one. You wait though, Amazon will release it in the UK, but it will be more expensive than the US and it’ll be missing some features as well. Oh why do we even bother, really, I do try to stay positive but time and time again we get the sharpe end of the sick (I’m not actually sure that’s a saying). Most technology devices get a price hike when they migrate across the pond, and the Kindle Fire will be no exception.

The US have already started getting their Amazon Kindle delivered, across the pond people are currently unwrapping their little parcels from Amazon. Still no date for the UK by the way. The Amazon Kindle certainly undercuts the iPad 2, but is it really an “iPad killer”?

  • It’s lighter
  • It’s smaller
  • It’s cheaper
  • It has no camera (Many will already now my opinion of a camera on a tablet pc, I think it’s mad)
  • It runs a cut down version of Android
  • No 3g

So, is it really a tablet pc? I am of the opinion that it’s not comparable to an iPad. However, it might be better value than the budget Android tablets and I think that’s where the main impact of the Amazon Kindle will be. Budget Android’s sell for about the £100 mark, with the Amazon Kindle is expected to sell for about £130, but it won’t have full tablet pc functionality, whether or not you’ll miss any of the features dropped is yet to be seen. Also, it looks as though the Amazon Kindle 2 is being released in spring, it’s rumoured to be a 10 inch screen (the current is 7).

What should we do? Wait for the 10 inch, or wait for the 7 inch. Whatever happens, we’ll be waiting…

If you really want a Kindle Fire, you can get one here:-

Here’s the existing Kindle, for those interested..

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