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Hands on: Google+ on Honeycomb

Hands on: Google+ on HoneycombGoogle+ is out and we’re sure you’ve been reading all about it on the many, many sources online. We also got our invite today and after getting bored of playing with it for ten minutes or…

Hands on: Polaris Office 3

It looks like ASUS made a good choice when it picked Polaris Office for its ASUS Eee Pad Transformer office app and EAT has already taken a look at why you can’t buy it, yet. EAT has had some time…

Dell Latitude XT3

Dell Latitude XT3
We managed to get some time alone with the newly refreshed, yet-to-be released Dell Latitude XT3. We’ll have a hands-on written up soon but in the meantime why not sit back and enjoy some shots of this Intel Core i7-2620M powered Windows 7 convertible tablet/laptop.

What’s new in iOS 5?

IOS 5.0.1
Over at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, Apple has been showing off the abilities of the next major revision to its mobile operating system, iOS 5. Available for all generations of iPhone from 3GS onwards and both iPads so far, iOS 5 will be available for download sometime in the Autumn.

REVIEWED: Dual Battery Widget – the must have app for the Transformer

Dual Battery Widget
What’s one of the key things that’s missing from ASUS’ Eee Pad Transformer? Some way to tell when your dock battery needs to be charged, of course. Yes, there’s a small green and red LED on the side, but frankly we have no idea what it’s blinking at us and we need  more than that if we’re going to take good care of our spare battery

ASUS Padfone images and specs revealed

ASUS Padfone
After the success of the Eee Pad Transformer, it’s no wonder that the internet has been ever so slightly abuzz over the last few days about another new twist on the tablet form coming from ASUS. On Friday, the company…

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