Try Polaris Office 3.0 for yourself

polaris office iconA lot of you still seemed awfully interested in Polaris Office 3.0, we’ve already covered about the reason it may not be available in the Android Market. We’ve also had a quick run through of its features. Still this isn’t enough for your veracious appetites. Amongst our many wanders on the inernets we came across a few sites that had the Polaris Office APK file and associated Android library available.

To start you’ll need to follow our guide on getting Android 3.0 up and running on your PC desktop. The short version is get the correct Java JDK and the Android SDK from Google. Once you have a suitable virtual machine installed the next steps are along the lines of those used in our hacking the Android Market into the Android Emulator article. In that you need to start the Emulator from a command line and ‘adb push‘ both the Polaris APK file and the library file to the system/lib path.

If all has gone well the Polaris Office 3.0 icon will appear on your desktop and you should be able to launch it and have a play around. Job’s a good ‘un.

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