Temple Run Android iOS App Review

Temple Run AppTemple Run is available free on both iOS and Android (Android version not released at time of writing. See here for details..)

The idea is that you get a character and collect as many coins as you can, whilst avoiding falling to your death in a number of different ways. You run along a pre-defined track and swipe the screen to turn, duck, or jump. If you turn the device left or right the character goes towards the corresponding side of the tract, this is useful to collect coins.

You get the choice of a number of different characters, by earning coins you can “save up” for different characters, or indeed different powers, such as Coin Magnet and Invisibility. Coin Magnet is an icon that appears whilst you’re running around, if you jump into it, all coins along the route are magically attracted to you, you therefore don’t need to run from side to side collecting the coins whilst the magic lasts. Invisibility gives you the power to be fairly indestructible for a while, as long as you don’t fall of the beaten track.

There are dozens of objectives, for example, running for 1000 metres, collecting 750 coins and running 1000 metres without collecting any coins. These get more and more difficult to do the further into the game you get. There’s also a Million Club objective which you complete when you’ve scored 1,000,000 points, which isn’t easy.

The idea is to avoid being caught by the manic chimps which follow you out of sight until you bump into something, then they appear on screen and are initially off pointing to Temple Run Androidthe extent where you’ll die shortly after. Once you get used to them you can eventually shake them off by completing a short period of running without hitting any objects.

There are, of course no end of ways to die; not jumping over a log, not ducking under a tree, or indeed, going straight on when the track goes to the left, or to the right.

Overall it’s a very addictive game, if you get stuck you can purchase coins, I mean actually buy them with real money from the app store to give you a boast or get you a character you want to use. Can be frustrating as once you die you start from the beginning again, the idea is to avoid dying of course, as you proceed the character runs faster and faster until it’s almost impossible (for me) to control the little chap!

Get Temple Run for your iOS device.

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