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Tablets have become an ideal tool for educational entertainment, especially for those periods when your children should stay at home, as has happened with school closures product of coronavirus. But since not all of them are suitable for the children’s segment, for their content and durability, we show you a list of the best tablets for children on the market. With them, you can be sure that what they see and hear is appropriate for their age.
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tablets for kids Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition
Yes, you’ll also get a protective case or case available in pink, blue, or green.

Our Favorite – The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Okay. So, you are on a mission to find a tablet for your kids, browsing through Walmart and Amazon and you stumble upon the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition.

For what reason would it be advisable for me to buy this tablet device, you ask yourself? Well, since it’s manufactured particularly for kids, it’s sturdy, moderate, loaded with proper substance, and accompanies a free 2-year substitution program. Little cheeky youngsters with parents on a more restricted financial plan will surely love this one meeting all of their fun needs.

Why did we choose the Amazon Fire Kids Edition? In case you’re searching for a tablet that is well protected and can provide a good time for small children, at that point you will have a hard time finding a superior deal arrangement than the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition. The parental controls are just brilliant, permitting you to tweak down precisely just how much screen time your kids are allowed, just as what they can and can’t get to do on the device.

It offers a one-year membership to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, which gives you access to a large number of curated books, shows, films, applications, and games that are suitable and age-appropriate for your kids. For users with Prime memberships, it costs $3 or $5 per month in the case that you don’t have a Prime membership. You can likewise set up various profiles with custom-fitted content, suited to suit every age.

Yes, there might be better 7″ tablets out there to buy when looking to find tablets for kids, be it at walmart or amazon, and yet the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is your most logical option, despite the fact that it costs somewhat more at $130. The screen isn’t something extraordinary at 1,024 x 600 pixels. The HD 8 ups that to 1,280 x 800 pixels and furthermore offers twofold the capacity, at 32GB, just as double speakers for way better audio sound.

While an ideal first tablet for the young ones, it is definitely not for the older children around the house. Keep an eye on this tablet device because it honestly has everything your kid could ask for from a tablet. It is a bang for the buck.

The best tablet for preschoolers

tablets for kids walmart


find tablets for kids at wallmart or amazon
Strong educational software with good parental controls in a durable package makes it perfect for preschoolers.

LeapFrog Epic

When looking to find tablets for kids at Walmart, for example, every parent has its own set of standards. This one is a rugged tablet that features great parental controls and many educational apps and games for parents who want to buy something that will actually help their kids learn new stuff and develop, and is suitable even for the youngest ones.

Why did we choose the Leapfrog Epic? This tablet is especially aimed at children between 3 and 9 years old, and is ideal for displaying educational and personalized content to your children, depending on their age.

With this device, children can create their own home screens and also have the option to use dozens of apps, games, and other very well designed content. However, it’s worth narrowing, that there are many apps that aren’t included, which means you’ll have to pay extra for them.

In addition, it comes with a thick rubber cover in the green and pink colors. It also has a built-in stylus with a cable, which is ideal for artists.

But, unfortunately, it’s not perfect. This tablet for children has a screen that lacks quality, since its resolution is only 1,024 x 600 pixels. It’s also a little slow, which can be frustrating for young people and adults alike.

However, the Leapfrog Epic is still an excellent tablet for young children, due to its durable design, educational software, and its low price.

The best tablet for children ages 5 to 9

kid playing on tablet
kids tablets at walmart

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

If you want to find tablets for kids at Walmart or Amazon, the Fire HD 10  is a  deal that offers parents full control over the kids’ activities while having a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and education-wise use potential. For a household on a limited budget with kids in primary school, this one is a steal.

Why we chose it? It is very affordable, easy to set up, and offers entertainment for children, especially if parents are Amazon Prime subscribers.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is a good choice for older kids. It offers a crisp 10-inch display, dual speakers, excellent performance, and up to 12 hours of battery life for $200. You could save $50 and opt for the standard Fire HD 10 tablet, but you’d lose the protector, replacement program, and first-year benefits of amazon shopping.

The basic model of Fire HD 10 Kids Edition has 32 GB of storage, but there is also a 64 GB version. Both have a MicroSD card slot for expansion. The normal Fire HD 10 is enabled Alexa, something Fire Kids Edition tablets are loaded with. However, Amazon Prime users will get the most out of it, as FreeTime Unlimited provides a wealth of children’s apps, games, TV shows, books, and more for $3 per month after the first year.

You can set up multiple profiles and use Amazon parental controls to monitor what your kids see. The Fire HD 10 Kids Edition tablet could serve as a family tablet, as it is suitable for parents when children went to bed.

The cameras are poor, but you won’t get a better 10-inch tablet for so little money. If your budget is smaller, consider the Fire HD 8 at $80. The screen is smaller, not so fast and the basic model only has 16 GB of storage, but all that is reflected in the price. Another advantage of the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition over the 8-inch version is the USB-C charging port, easier for kids to connect than the old Micro USB.


Tablets for kids aged 10 to 12 years


samsung tablet for older kids
It’s a step forward for older kids and offers a little more power for games and many features.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

When looking to find and buy tablets for kids, the Samsung is in a class of its own. With a thin and sublime look, the Tab S5e is packing a lot of useful features, which can open up an endless world of possibilities for your kids when it comes to entertainment and even education.

Who’s it for? Older children who need something more powerful.

As your kids approach high school, they’ll want a bigger tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e could be ideal. It’s one of our favorite Android alternatives because it’s lightweight and portable, has a crisp and colorful 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display, and it’s fast. Unlike Amazon options, you can enjoy the full range of Android apps and games.

You can set up separate profiles for each family member, as adults will probably want to use it, too. You can regulate usage with the fingerprint sensor. Samsung also offers a kids mode, or if you want to install alternative parental controls, you’ll find plenty of options in the Play Store.

This tablet will also be useful for watching movies, playing games, reading or doing tasks. It has four speakers tuned by AKG with Dolby Atmos support, a 13 megapixel main camera and an 8 megapixel front, plus a long battery life.

It will require a little more work than other alternatives to set up profiles and sort parental controls. Plus, it’s more expensive, but it’s the kind of tablet any high school student would be happy to have.

The best tablet for teens

kid playing on ipad tablet
This is really one of the best tablets you can buy.

Apple iPad 9.7

If your kids happen to be high schoolers who really want the best out of the best then the iPad boasts an elegant design coupled with high performance and the apple store which is in a class of its own when it comes to useful, productive, entertainment and educational apps. So, when looking to find tablets for kids who are a bit older, like in high school, this is really one of the best tablets you can buy.

Apple’s iPad is one of the best tablets available and has everything a teenager needs to work and play. It is thin, has a beautiful 10.2 inch screen and offers access to the best selection of apps and games. The battery life is excellent, the camera is good and has Touch ID.

For families that are already in the Apple ecosystem, this tablet makes a lot of sense, and can even be something to consider for younger children. You can use Family Sharing to allow everyone to access any app, book, movie, or music you’ve purchased.

Picking something to buy for your children can be a nightmare, let alone choosing a tablet that they’ll spend a lot of time with having fun and learning new stuff. We hope this list can guide you towards making the right choice when it comes to finding tablets for kids at Walmart or Amazon.


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