Cost Repair Cracked Tablet Screen

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Cracked Tablet Screen?

One of the things that can really make you angry within seconds is when you happen to drop your tablet flat on its screen just the day you decide to take it out of its case, for some stupid reason. Or, have your kids take it from you just so when it gets back in your hands, voila, the screen is broken. So, what now?

One of the things that can really make you angry within seconds is when you happen to drop your tablet flat on its screen just the day you decide to take it out of its case, for some stupid reason. Or, have your kids take it from you just so when it gets back in your hands, voila, the screen is broken. So, what now?

How much does it cost to change the cracked screen of a tablet?

What’s done is done, so, in any case, the first thing that comes to mind is how much this whole arrangement is going to cost you, finding the part, getting it replaced, repair fees and part costs and whatnot, especially if you have a medium-range or high-end tablet. Even low-end ones may be worth changing their cracked tablet screen, especially when it comes to small tablets.

How much does it cost to repair the cracked screen of a 10-inch tablet?

First of all, it’s essential to be clear about what you need to change. When it comes to a tablet cracked screen repair cost, some things will affect the overall price, depending on what actually is damaged. There are differences between the touch screen and the LCD, so you need to know which of the two is not working or broken. Once you know what you need to replace, browse for the part online or at physical shops and services but you should know that prices will vary depending on what type of screen you have to buy.


How much can the touchscreen cost?

The touch screen is the glass of the tablet.  It’s the part that allows us to interact with the device. In a very simple way we could say that it is that thin transparent layer that reads the sign of touch. Display prices for 10-inch tablets may vary depending on the number of pins on the flex cable, the exact measurements of the display and the quality of the product.

First of all, find out all these features on your current screen. Only then can you choose the perfect replacement, and as for the price of the replacement, you will see that there is a wide range of possibilities.

The LCD screen is the display, that is, it is the one that allows us to see the menu, images, and videos and on our tablet. We could say that this is the “real” screen because it is the one that has the pixels and the lighting although the touch and the display come as one part nowadays, so if you have a faulty touch, you’ll get your full display replaced. Anyway, the LCD screen is located immediately below the touch screen, i.e. one layer lower than the glass.

The price of 10-inch tablet LCD screens also varies depending on the model you need. Again, you’ll need to know the technical specifications of your device to purchase the precise replacement. Once you know which one you need, the price of the new spare part will, of course, vary, as mentioned above.

Leave your tablet at an electronics service

If electronic arrangements aren’t precisely your thing,  it’s reasonable to contact a technician who is experienced and does this on a daily basis to repair the cracked screen of your tablet device, instead of meddling with things you don’t understand because you can do more harm than good.

The cost is a bit on the expensive side because of the price of the screen itself, not to mention what it’s going to cost you if you want your repaired tablet to be picked up and delivered to your home.

Depending on the model, changing a 10-inch touchscreen or LCD screen for a tablet can be somewhat expensive. However, you can always buy a screen replacement and repair it yourself quickly. We’ll tell you how!

How to change a cracked tablet screen by yourself and save money

So, you dropped the tablet and touchscreen doesn’t seem to work? Let’s see if you can do the job of an electronics service and repair your tablet screen.

Changing the touch screen is one of the simplest things you can do, theoretically said although it’s not a small feat by any means if you are a total stranger to electronics and have never touched the “insides” of one of these things, be it a phone, tablet or a laptop.

First of all, you should know that there are two types of screens on the tablets. One is the touch and the other is the LCD screen. Once you’re clear that the one that doesn’t work well is the touchscreen, take note of the following tests you can do to fix the problem.

With a little care, simply disconnect the broken screen and fit a new one to enjoy your tablet again as if nothing had happened. Everything for a lot less money than if it had been changed by a technician.

First of all, get hold of a tablet-opening toolkit. You’ll get a lot cheaper than buying each piece separately.

Once with all the utensils you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Peel off the old touch glass by warming it with a hot air gun and prying to remove the glue.
  2. Remove the glue residue.
  3. Test the digitizing glass without removing any protective plastic or adhesive tape.
  4. To check that the glass is working, turn off the tablet, place the screen on the tablet frame, connect the flex cable of the new screen and turn on the device.
  5. Go to the Play Store and download an app to check that the touch is working properly. There are many options like Test touch, Screen Touch Test, Touchscreen Test, etc
  6. And you are all done! You already have your tablet as new and for much less money. Enjoy!

Be sure to check if the flex cable is connected

As we said, if the touch screen does not work after you have connected it, it does not mean that the replacement was a failure. Most commonly, it’s not installed correctly. One of the most common errors when assembling back the phone is forgetting about the flex cable.


Before repairing the flex cable, check that it is well connected to the motherboard. You may need to clean the outside of the flex connector, as they are made of copper and may rust.

You want one last piece of advice? Protect your screen. Buying a tablet case, you can save a lot of upsets.

Problems that don’t have a solution

When your device falls to the ground, if it has suffered a cracked screen, the first thing we must do is check the damage and second, check that it works normally, since, sometimes, the internal components can also be affected by the fall.

In this case, the best option is to buy a completely new device since the repair may be practically impossible depending on what’s damaged and how much. Even a tablet cracked screen repair cost can be quite pricey but if it’s an internal part, you should give up any thought of repairs. A very widespread topic that has a logical basis is the fact that if the impact is either on the screen or the rear shell, the damage will be less compared to if it falls sideways, since, especially on the terminals that are made out of plastic. The resistance is greater on the front and back than on the corners.

1. Substitutions

Tablet Repair

Like any tech device, it is not always possible to repair a cracked tablet screen by yourself, even if different tutorials are available on the Internet.

And in recent years, numerous platforms have emerged on the Internet that put different elements of all kinds of media on sale and it is possible to repair our devices on our own helped by many videos and tutorials posted on portals like Youtube.

On the other hand, numerous chains of electronics establishments give the possibility of repairing the models for an amount that can vary significantly depending on the brand of the same, and that, in many cases, does not end up being entirely profitable.

2. Use of other platforms

Tablets that are currently on the market have a multitude of ports that allow them to be connected to other media such as televisions and computers. If there’s a large amount of data on the tablet and we have  HDMI  cables or other USB connections, it is possible to extend the service life even though the panels are damaged by keeping them plugged into the larger platforms and reproducing the stored data or content on another device or display.

Tablet Platform

3. Audio player

Although the screen is no longer useful, it is possible to preserve the terminals with other functions with applications such as Spotify. The fact that we can’t see content doesn’t mean we can’t listen to them, so one more way to keep our old devices.  

However, it may be more convenient for many users to use smaller media such as smartphones.

tablet peripherals

4. Keyboards and peripherals

When much or all of the panel is unresponsive and we cannot afford to purchase a new model, an economical and interesting option can go through the installation of components such as keyboards or speakers, available in a large number of models and prices.

On the other hand, there are functions implemented in operating systems such as voice commands to be able to execute a lot of commands without having to touch the screen.

As you have seen, there are a wide variety of uses that we can give to our tablets when they are damaged and cannot function fully. A strongly recommended tip is that if we decide to reuse the devices after they break, it is best to remove all the elements that are not necessary to optimize all the functions that with the broken screen we can not fully enjoy.

Even after knowing other ways to extend the life of these devices when a cracked tablet screen repair cost is too high for you, do you think it is time to take blunt measures such as replacing the tablet or do you think that they can still prove useful to us without many inconveniences?

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