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6 Best Free Games for the HP TouchPad

It’s all very well justifying your bargain TouchPad to yourself by using serious apps, but any tablet worth its salt also has to put in a good turn in the gaming stakes. Here we take a look at the best free games available in the HP App Catalog. It’s a fairly short list at the moment, but we’ll be updating this list as more games become available, including a closer look at some of the better card games you can lay your hands on.

It’s hard to put you finger on quite why this little gem of a game is such fun. The graphics are beautiful and the overall game style wreaks of class, with humorous little write ups for each country. Even so, the actual gameplay isn’t particularly complex or clever. Pick a kind of attack, spin a one-arm-bandit like reel and try and destroy your opponent before he destroys you. There are some nice strategy elements involved, and genuine tactics unfold as you progress, but even so the individual parts don’t quite explain why this is so addictive and pleasing. It is however easily the best game on the TouchPad right now.

They’re birds. They’re angry. They’re everywhere. It’s good to see HP has managed to strike a deal with Rovio to get everyone’s favourite avians bouncing off pigs for free. Even so, we are getting a little weary of the title now though. This original version may be resplendent in all its high definition glory, but the levels don’t quite have the genius of the likes of Angry Birds Rio, or the straight deviousness of some of the Angry Birds Seasons levels. This version boasts the first five chapters, which gives you plenty to get your teeth stuck into if you’ve not experienced the phenomena yet.

We’ve written before about the limited interface options for tablets, and one genre that is a little oversubscribed is the screen-prodding of most shooters. Despite their limitations though, they can still provide plenty of fun. This delightful little title has you trapped in a beat-up cabin trying to fend off waves of aliens. Kill the green-skinned blighters and you’ll earn money, which you can spend on special moves or better weapons. It’s not particularly clever, or particularly inspiring, but it does make for a fun few moments. Well worth a free download at any rate.

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