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Android 4.2 Notification Shade tweaks

While Android 4.0 introduced a pop-up notification slider, for Jelly Bean this was totally overhauled and called the Notification Shade. You open this by sliding your finger down from the top-left corner of the home screen, the top-right now also…

The new Android 4.2 Settings Shade

Android 4.2
Did Google just change the Notification system three times in as many point revisions? We think it did. If you’re running a Google Nexus device and are enjoying Android 4.2 then if you pop open the Notification Shade you might…

Android to get multiple user accounts

Multi-user accounts for tablets and Android is just a matter of time. The sharing permissions to make this work effectively is already built into the OS, it’s just the actual functional aspects to put it into practise that are missing.…

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